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Our company is in the business of making perfectly optimised concrete mixtures. Our purpose is to create mixtures all over the world which are perfect due to the right amount of ingredients. Above this, with our optimising technology, the concrete is not just safe, but also has saving of materials up to 5-10%. We are not “selling” mixture designs. We are offering a service to constantly work with companies, collaborating and cooperating to come out with the best designs and reach perfection. We offer constant support, from afar or on site, be it calculating new mixtures or updating older ones.

Our service depends on getting to know what You need, what You have available in resources and designs. From this we can design new mixtures.

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Basic Steps

1. Presentation

During the presentation we show you our service and technology. We show you how you can increase the quality of your mixes while decreasing costs by 5-10%.

At this point we will answer any questions that you have and we find out what you want to focus on in your mixes so as to know how we can help you best.

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2. Testing Agreement

After you are happy with our presentation, you can have one of our free testing. This would include your company giving us one of your current mix designs. Our technician would looks this over and recalculate it, using your available ingredients and needs. While making the new design, our technician makes sure that the new mix is up to your standards and strength. This is where we would make sure the savings are at least 5-10% on materias.

3. Testing

After the agreement, we would being testing as agreed above on a prearranged date. The test would confirm the usability and savings. After this, you are able to see clearly that we deliver on what we promise and that we are able to have the better quality while saving on the materials.

3. Contract

After your company makes the decision to work with us, we would draw up the points of our contract.

5. Service

Our purpose is to supply you with mix designs that are both the best quality achievable and more cost effective than before.

It was thought until now that better quality can only be achieved with higher costs. With our technology, cheaper manufacturing is possible while getting better results. The basis of our technology is to plan the aggregates to such precision that it is ideal. This can be very different for each mix design depending on ingredients and standards. Once we work together, we can have all of your exciting mixes re designed in a short amount of time so you can have the best quality product possible.

The process of service

1. Your Company

Our collaboration does not affect your service in any way. The goal is for you to enjoy the perfect mixture and that it doesn’t give you new things to do.

This is why our program was made in the way that we only need communication from you from time to time. We do not get into the mixing process and there is no need for new staff. Our technicians do the most of the work. In certain cases we can help online, and other cases on site. We would like to point out the this does not replace your technician. Our goal is to supplement you with the perfect mixtures at all times so you are more effective and efficient.

Mixture enquiry:

When you are in need of a mixture update for the first time with us, an online platform is ready to fill out with all the forms needed for us to design your new mixture. After sending this in we are ready to design your new mixture.

2. Optimixt

As soon as we receive your enquiry, this gets forwarded to the technician who has worked with you on the testing and is familiar with you. The technician looks aver the data determine that all needed forms are in place.

3. New mixture design

As soon as our technician has decided all information is in place, he starts with the new design. In case something is missing and he needs further information, he gets in touch with your technician and consult.

We design the perfect mixture from every aspect and testing needs. Already in the design phase, we will know how the concrete will behave, what the average strength will be etc.

This is the most important aspect of our job. Once the mixture is ready for testing, we send it back to you through our communication platform.

4. Mixture testing

All of our mixtures conform to the standards given to us. This needs to be confirmed with testing in every case, which can go in three ways:

-After the mixture is done, at your laboratory or an independent laboratory.

-You may send us the ingredients and we do the testing.

-Our technician goes to your site and does the testing with you.

As soon as the testing is finished with good results, this can be used in production. In case there are changes needed after testing, this can be done.

5. Production

The production is totally in your hands. We give you the technical part so you can work with a better mixture. The end result of our job is that you get a mixture, which is same or better quality and is 5-10% more cost effective.

6. Follow up

Through our communication platform, you can see each day when the process stands. Where the mixture design is at and if it’s ready for manufacturing.

You will see exactly how much savings you have on each mixture. You get graphs, statistics and information on an every day basis which is important for strategy and planning in your company.

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