Many references prove the effectiveness of our software. There are tests, statistics and expert opinions. But for us the most important is our costumer’s satisfaction.

We are proud to have a range of costumers from medium size local concrete factories to international concrete factories that reach 22 countries.

What is the same in all of these companies is that they use our software to make their concrete. For all of these companies it is very important to achieve best quality, keep deadlines and not to spend more then needed on materials.

There are great feedbacks available of which you will find a few for viewing below!

From the use of our software, there were many different concrete types planned:

  • Motorways,
  • high rises,
  • garages,
  • viaducts,
  • bridges and so on.

Thanks to our software, the concrete technician can put together the exact composition and the moment of the planning he will know; how much can the concrete withstand salty water, what is the consistency, how much can it withstand acidity and anything else you wish to know.

All these point can be perfectly calculated into the concrete and once it is made, it will do all those things too.

We are proud to say that all companies who started using the software, kept doing so to this day. Our first priority is what the costumer wants and needs.

  • effective and fast concrete planning?
  • 100% quality that cannot be compromises?
  • Keeping the quality but spending 10% less on average and so make more profit?
  • Maybe you would like more then one of these at the same time?
We can help you with all of this.
Our group is ready to be at your service!

Costumer Feedbacks

„I mostly use the particle component planner and check the mix to see what changes it needs, do I need other components. In terms of concrete planning it is a huge help as any special requests can be calculated in minutes, I add the aggregates and particle content, water cement, planned consistency. If this software didn’t exist we would only be guessing how much cement it needs exactly and we would need to make multiple mixes for hardness. The most important is that the software gives me the hardness calculated, which cannot be done with any other programs.”

P.J. Leading concrete technician


„I have been using this software since 2004 and it is an essential part of our work on a daily basis. During the whole process from beginning to end and all the tests confirm it’s technical establishment.”

K.J. Executive, industrial company


„With OptiMixt we have achieved unbelievable savings”

H.B. Regional leader International building company

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