What is the difference between two concrete mixture?

OptiMixt is not a helping program or attachment, it is the first and only software that helps you plan your concrete from beginning to end.

The technician planning any concrete with this software will be able to plan any mix that will have a success rate of 95-100% the first time around. This has never been possible before.

This means that whatever concrete gets planned it will be good on the first try almost always. No need for re planning, it won’t be found weeks, months later that the mix was unsuccessful to be re planned and so losing time.

The planning process itself seeds up massively. Planning a mix takes a fraction of the time. It need to be stated that this does not replace the technician. But it gives them a technology with which they won’t know how they have worked before without this.

Planning concrete is done all over the world. But this is the only software that has decades of breakthroughs built into it. With these new ways of calculations, planning becomes much more effective.

Not only there is an over 95% success rate, while being faster, it also decreases the cost by 10%.

This means that the company who uses our software will save an average of 10% on all mixes while the quality of the concrete does not decrease and in many occasions it increases!


Over 95-100% success rate

Fast concrete planning

An average of 10% saving

Better quality concrete

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