About us

Softwares in today’s world are mostly based on how reliable they are. Because of this our company politics is based on moving towards perfection at all times.

We know that communication, planning, development, testing, manufacturing, service and all other technical needs can only achieve perfection if they work together in harmony.

We strive to make this atmosphere of trust for our clients and company.

The quality of our products and services depend mostly on the training and ethics of our staff, so the basic quality increasing detail is continuous training of inside and outside knowledge and growth as a person.

The most important component -although our company may have seals of approval, letter or any other validation- is our staff’s integrity and expectations to themselves, understanding and acknowledging each other, communication between staff, staff and executives and between Parallel and clients.

Ferenc Novak

Contact Us

Phone: +44 77 18 599 269
E-mail: mail@concretemixdesign.software

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